KOMIYAMA TOKYO G is thrilled to announce the unveiling of KENSEI YABUNO's latest solo exhibition, titled 'Untitled Ⅱ.'

This exhibition marks the second chapter in his artistic journey, following last year's 'Untitled' showcase. It boasts nine mesmerizing sculptures and an impressive collection of 35 new drawings. YABUNO's signature black and white three-dimensional creations, reminiscent of fantastical creatures, continue to evolve, now adorned with hues resembling the delicate shades of moss. YABUNO's unique approach, as he describes it, involves pushing the boundaries of his art through the introduction of color. This exhibition promises to unveil exciting new developments in his artistic technique.

KENSEI YABUNO embarked on his artistic voyage in the early 2000s, initially working with fabric and sewing images in his early creations, and later delving into diverse materials such as drawing, painting, and sculpture to express his evolving vision. The drawings showcased in this exhibition seamlessly blend charcoal motifs with subtle, enigmatic colors, weaving a distinctive world. While it appears that stories lurk within the frames, they remain cryptic, evoking a sense of uncertainty and perhaps a touch of rebellion, which might just be the core of YABUNO's magnetic allure.
YABUNO characterizes his work as a product of his belief in alternative, independent, music, movies, U.S.-TOY culture, fashion, and DIY aesthetics, conjuring up the decadent vibe of the 1990s. Despite the apparent contrast between meticulously crafted three-dimensional pieces and the unpredictable flat works, they share a profound connection. YABUNO explains this connection as the "intersection of opposites," akin to the duality between being asleep and awake, which is vital to his artistic expression, both presently and in the future.
We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary collection of KENSEI YABUNO, a body of work that is primal and transcendent.

KENSEI YABUNO Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1975, KENSEI YABUNO pursued a degree in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts in the United Kingdom. He has presented his paintings and three-dimensional works at various prestigious venues, including limart, THE LAST GALLERY, and Shinjuku Isetan. His work has garnered recognition in national and international publications such as 'idea,' 'vice,' and 'DAZED & CONFUSED.' Additionally, his artistic creations found their way into COMME des GARÇONS' 2011 Spring/Summer Women's Collection as textile designs. Notable recent exhibitions include a joint exhibition with photographer Shigekazu Onuma titled 'WHY YOU' (2019/HYSTERIC GLAMOUR SHIBUYA) and the solo exhibition 'Untitled' (2022/KOMIYAMA TOKYO G).

KENSEI YABUNO 『Untitled Ⅱ』 17 - 26 NOVEMBER 2023 KOMIYAMA TOKYO G 12:00-18:30 12:00-17:30 (Sun&NH) *Closed on Tue&Wed KENSEI YABUNOの新作個展『Untitled Ⅱ』を開催致します。 昨年開催された『Untitled』に続く、2回目となる本展では、9点の立体作品に加え、35点の新作ドローイングを発表する予定です。YABUNOの代表作ともいえる黒と白の立体作品は、架空の生き物のように増殖を続け、本展では“MOSS”のような色をまとい出現します。YABUNOは「着色することで自分の境界線を拡張できることを知った」と語るように、彼の手法は本展でさらなる拡がりを見せます。 2000年代から作家活動をスタートし、初期作品では布にミシンで絵を、そしてドローイング、ペインティング、スカルプチャーと、さまざまな素材を扱い、表現を続けてきたKENSEI YABUNO。本展で発表されるドローイング作品は、チャコールで描かれたモチーフと曖昧な色彩が調和し、独自の世界を構成します。画面の中に物語が存在しているようでありながらも、決して読み解くことはできない。その不確実性、どこか反抗的なアティチュードがYABUNOの魅力と言えるのかもしれません。 「オルタナティブ、インディペンデント、音楽、映画、U.S.-TOY、ファッション、DIYを信じてきた自分の末路のような作品」と本人が話すように、YABUNOの作品はどこか90年代の退廃的なカルチャーを想い起こさせます。そして、丁寧に作られた立体作品と予測不能な平面作品は、対比するように見えながらも、親密な関係があると言えるのかもしれません。「寝ている時と寝ていない時のように、真逆のものが交差することが、今そして未来の僕にとって重要なことなのです」。 プリミティブに昇華されるKENSEI YABUNOの作品群をぜひご高覧ください。 PROFILE KENSEI YABUNO 1975年、北海道生まれ。イギリスのCamberwellCollege of ArtsでFine Artを専攻。limart、THE LAST GALLERY、新宿伊勢丹などでペインティング、立体作品を発表。『アイデア』や『vice』、『DAZED & CONFUSED』など国内外の雑誌にも作品を提供する。また、COMME des GARÇONSの2011年春夏ウィメンズコレクションに、作品がテキスタイルとして採用された。最近の展示に、写真家 大沼茂一との二人展『WHY YOU』(2019年/HYSTERIC GLAMOUR SHIBUYA)、個展『Untitled』(2022年/KOMIYAMA TOKYO G)がある。